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Produtos para a vida real.

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Inspiration: super black eye and 3 hairstyles


Only today I’ve started to look properly at the many photos of Cannes, that always end up being a great source of inspiration. To cheer up this weekend, I choose three moments of the top model Natasha Poly, that always has gooorgeous makeups. Look at these eyes in a black smokey with a touch of green on the centre of the lid:

I want to copy it straight away! Very beautiful this shade of green, it has something more or less sparkly/golden, great touch. Natasha also kills it with her hairstyles – this pony tail is simple and beautiful

The makeup viewed from the front – you can hardly see the detail of the eye shadow when Natasha is standing and with eye wide open, but that didn’t keep her from using it. It’s good as an inspiration for the ones who have “fatty” eyelids, it’s a detail that makes a difference when you blink or look down! Beautiful the shape of the makeup also, smokey cat eye

Another moment of the eyes very black and smokey, but without the touch of color, ad another beautiful hairstyle: very sleek, pushed back, parted on the middle and low bun. Notice the power of the contour to make that top model defined cheek!

Close-up of the eyes

The third hairstyle is softer and more romantic: she parted it on the middle and twisted the front parts, leaving the rest very loose. Good for the ones who don’t want to tie it all… I also think it’s a great option for weddings and parties during the day

For the makeup, cat eyeliner and more defined brows, and the rest very soft, like the modern red carpet calls for. Actually, you can notice that even on the first two makeups, even with a super black eye, the rest stays clean to give this balance, this fresher look

Have a nice weekend girls!

(Photos: Getty Images)

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}


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