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I love a shorter haircut, and I REALLY love when people with super long hair have the guts to chop it off. Because I find that change to be always interesting… and then, the hair grows, so it’s a super valid experiment. During the few last weeks, three girls with very long hair chopped them up to the shoulders – the actresses Thaila Ayala and Marina Ruy Barbosa and the Beauty Editor for Vogue UK Jessica Hogan Diner.

I really liked the results and gathered them here to show them to you – who know if this won’t inspire someone who is thinking to go for a chop (hi Fe Grão! Actually, she sent another post to DDB with incredible tips about hair, it will be published soon)

passando a tesoura

Thaila and Marina cut their hair due to new characters they will play, one in a movie and another one on TV. Ricardo dos Anjos, the (dear!) hairstylist that worked on Thaila, told me that they used Olivia Palermo as a light inspiration for the haircut. He, actually, opened a new salon recently, House of Beauty!
Marina’s transformation for me was the most shocking one, what a hair she has right? One of the most absurd hair I’ve seen live… Tiago Parente, from Rio, cut it (30 cm!), and she will donate the locks to a NGO. Jessica cut her hair with George Northwood, top English hairstylist (who also just opened his own salon), right after her wedding. Cute!

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}


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