Simplicidade, praticidade, leveza. Produtos para a vida real.

Produtos para a vida real.

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Hi + bonus video: in the kitchen!


My dear DDB readers! I miss you and the blog so much – there were many trips in a row, it’s been ages since I’ve been able to calmly sit down and write some posts. Besides the two weeks I spent in São Paulo (I am still preparing a diary-post about it!) and the Chic Outlet Shopping trip to Barcelona, Belgium and Paris, I stayed a bit longer in Paris on a  press trip for the launch of Christian Louboutin’s beauty line – amaaazing, all confidential, I cannot say a word, but I will write an article for Vogue Brazil in a few months!!

Then I returned to London (finally, after a month away) on Good Friday, and I enjoyed the Easter holiday + my birthday (that was yesterday!!) with my husband and friends… So, now I “just” need to get my emails and life up to date hehehe! But I have so maaaany subjects and posts in my mind, DDB will get back to normal.

To finish this “hi” post, I wanted to share with you a very fun video we did when I went to São Paulo: Cami and Vic in Lu Zaidan’s kitchen! While the next season of #camievictake….. doesn’t come, we decided to change the subject and went to the kitchen to learn how to make raw kibbeh, one of my favorite dishes! Although it is a topic “beyond beauté”, I had to post it here right? I hope you enjoy it!

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}


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