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For last July’s edition of Vogue Brasil, we did a super special article with a selection of 100 products that are worth buying – I wanted to share it here with you for a long time now!

It’s a sort of “best of beauty” but with a little twist… After a looooot of research and team work, we made this list with 100 incredible products, all tested and approved and divided in the categories classics, colour, cleaning hits, daily care, perfect skin e necessary superfluous – the idea is to help guiding the shopping among so many releases and new brands that arrived to Brazil lately (all the products included in the article are for sale in the country).

I hope you like it! Like all the good lists, it will also start a debate – I bet you have an opinion on what could be there, what shouldn’t be there… Let us know in the comments! (To read, just click the photo that it enlarges)

100 produtos 1 100 produtos 2 100 produtos 3 100 produtos 4

Let me tell you it was a lot of work to do this… but it was worth it, I love this article a lot!

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}


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