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Produtos para a vida real.

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#camievictakelondon – episode 1


Here is the first episode of Cami and Vic Take London! Cami Coutinho and I are covering London Fashion Week in the same format we did in Paris (remember?). In the first episode we have the preparation (Cami’s arrival, meeting at home to check the schedule) and, on the first – and very rainy – day we have some very nice beauty street style at Somerset House, it’s like the Bienal of fashion week here, with Fabi Gomes from MAC… among other thingies. I hope you enjoy it!!

I am gonna wait for the end of the event to gather in a post all the photos of my make ups and used products!

Ah, the soundtrack list:
Manie Dansante – Dancê Madmoisele
Bande Dessinée – Perdizes
Rico – Turn Around
Manie Dansante – Fever
Rico – Wave
Sugarhill feat. Gospaceship – So much
Bande Dessinée – Bouge ton squelette
Rico – Get Down

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}

{Direction: Hick Duarte}


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