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Last week I went to New York, invited by MAC, to get to know some of the novelties the brand has for Brazil this year – the ones who follow me on Instagram could check the adventures… it was a quick trip, but delicious! (And freezing, how cold was it, it even seemed like it was Summer in London if you compare hahaha).

this view is always inspiring… ♥ NY!

There were several experiences and information, so I will tell it all in topics. After reading, let me know if you enjoyed this post more in a “travel diary” style, I can start writing more!

. The biggest news is the new MAC e-commerce – that launched officially yesterday with the collection RiRi ♥ MAC (the website was live for a few weeks before the test stage, I know of a few smart readers that had even bought something already hehehe). This collection is the one that was released in the end of the year abroad, and sold out mega fast… It will only be available in Brazil online, so let’s see how long the stock lasts! Some products are already sold out, but it’s worth to take a look. Detail: I am posting this with a delay, cause this week I had to focus on the articles for Vogue’s March edition, but as soon as the newsletter arrived in my mailbox informing that the collection was available, I went in running and was able to buy the RiRi Woo that I wanted badly – #addictions hahah. I took advantage and also bought the lipstick Diva and the blush Sunbasque, both super loved by everyone and that I didn’t have (I had it delivered at my mom’s in São Paulo right, so now I can only put my hands on them by the end of March when I travel to Brazil…)

. The website has sections and tools very well developed to make it easy on the time to buy – the ones I like most: Brush Finder, with filters that allow you to choose the right brush for what you need; Foundation Finder, with a test that also filters your needs and indicates foundations; videos with step by step instructions and with the list of the products used; profiles of the senior makeup artists from all over the world and their favourite products. Another great thing is the Color Play, where you can play by combining colours (eye shadow + eye shadow, eye shadow + lipstick and so on)

dreamy office, with makeup in eeeevery corner, and MAC Pro in NY

. One of the best parts of the trip was, without a doubt, getting to know MAC’s office in NY. It was the first time “ever” that they opened the doors to greet a group of journalists and bloggers! Well, I don’t even have to say it is the office of my dreams – it has tones of makeup spread EVERYWHERE you look, inside the cupboards, on top of the cupboards, on the desks… Not to mention the main meeting room, where our presentation took place: there you can find a space reserved to exhibit all the collections that will be released in the next four months. Of cooourse you couldn’t take a photo, all mega confidential, but I will tell you some of the veeeery cool things coming around

. Another great part: interviewing MAC’s global brand president, Karen Buglisi. Imagine what it must be like to have this job? I met Karen two years ago, in an Amfar ball that MAC sponsored in São Paulo, I sat at her table (very chique) and was fascinated by her style, presence and blondness during all dinner! She is gorgeous and powerful, a real example for women. So it was very nice to be able to chat with her a bit more this time. The best thing she talked about? I am gonna start new topics:
. That she wears fake lashes at least 3 times a week – and I decided that this will be my new goal!! But I will talk about this later. And, despite the fact that she always has a makeup artist available no matter where she is in the world (naturally), she said she can easily put them on by herself. She always wears the lashes #7 from MAC and gave the tip: besides letting the glue dry a bit before applying them, position the mirror below your chin, so that your eye is in the ideal angle to put in the lashes. She promised to show it to me in a video on the next time we meet, I will remind her!
. She has an infinite collection of makeup at home and, to organise it, she separates by groups of colours – all that is blue, all that is red and so on. But the organisation doesn’t usually last long!
. Her favourite products, besides the #7 fake lashes, are the foundation Studio Sculpt, the concealer Studio Finish and the mascara False Lash
. She can only wear black clothes (everyone that works for MAC has to follow this rule), so to avoid monotony she wears incredible shoes and accessories, especially earrings and watches
. It doesn’t matter where she travels to, or how long she will stay, she always carries only one cabine suitcase. The other day she spent two weeks between South Africa and Shanghai just with one cabine suitcase. MY DREAM is to be able to pull this one off one day. Tips? Thinking about all the activities you have planned in the city to arrange the looks and bet on the accessories (and it’s easier when all your clothes are black)
. She wakes up at 4h30 am to do sports before going to work (if I had emoji on WordPress I would have inserted here the surprised smiley in this text like ten times already!)
. Last, but not least, she is super excited with the first collection of MAC with a Brazilian – the one with Pedro Lourenço that I told you about, remember? An article with aaaaall the details will be out in Vogue Brazil’s March edition


. After the chat with Karen we went to the MAC Pro in NY – I have talked about this store here on DDB, the first time I went there I thought I was in the wrong place, cause it is on the second floor of a building without anything written on the front. But inside it’s amazing, they even call it Pro Studio cause, more than a store, it is where they test new ideas and also where there is a library for makeup artists that want to search for references and a photo studio. In order for you to understand what MAC Pro is and to see the different products you can find there, I recommend that you read this post and this post that I wrote about this matter on the blog. And there is another novelty coming to Brazil: we will finally have our first MAC Pro! The store inside the Iguatemi Shopping in São Paulo will be transformed in Pro in February, meaning, it will have all those different products like that solid water-colour cake for body painting, liquid to transform products and other items for alchemist makeup artists, the glitters, the pigments, lipsticks and blushes that are not available in any store (including my beloved lipstick that erases the lips Fleshpot and the great blushes specific for contour)
. At the store we had another great chat, with Gordon Espinet, vice president of make-up artistry, Nick Gavrelis, vice president global product development, and Fabi Gomes, senior makeup artist in Brazil. I’ve been with Gordon and Nick in other occasions and I always LOVE these encounters – both have been working for the brand for more than 20 years and have great stories! They talked about how the makeup trends are more and more ruled by technology, especially when it comes to face products, and they have their eyes on products that leave the skin radiant and without oiliness – but not totally matte you know? Another focus is the multi-use products that ease the daily routine. More: they said that Brazil is a market they love, so they always think “will Brazilian women like this product?” hahaha! And check how interesting: some of the Pro line products end up being released for the general public, but that can take years, since the market has some difficulties to understand a few things! That’s the case of the facial oil Careblend, that was five years waiting to be part of the normal line. It also happens to have Pro colours showing up in collections, that are limited edition


And that’s a wrap! We ended the day with a delicious dinner at Freeman’s, a restaurant I loved to try – I recommend it, actually, for the ones with a trip booked to NY. Thank you to my dear “MACers” Lais, JLo and Fabi for another great experience, and to the colleague-friends Cami Coutinho, Thássia, Lu Ferreira, Bruna “depois dos 15”, Paula(s) and Manu Aquino for the company… so nice to work this way!

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}


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