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Makeup of the day with pink lipstick + drugstore purchases in NY


This morning I posted on Instagram the products I used to do my makeup, and then the girls asked and I also posted the photo with the result! But since there were a lot of questions about the products, I thought it could be worth to post it on DDB – because the space on Insta is limited right! So I also take advantage to give you the names and make some comments on my drugstore purchases in NY (also posted on Insta and also with several questions!). Ah, there is also a basic disclaimer in the end of the post ;)

make do dia pink
I did my skin with several products, but wishing some lightness nevertheless! I used foundation in stick + concealer + contour (to get the cheeks better defined and the face illuminated without showing it!) + blush + powder (just on the forehead). Then for the eyes I used a brown eye shadow also very neutral, more to define than to show (the second palette on the photo above) + eye liner + mascara & the final touch, super pink lipstick.
(everyone always ask me about this jacket, it’s the one I use more everyday hahahaha #wintersalvation – it’s from Zara)

make do dia

  • FOUNDATION Stick colour Warm Beige – Bobbi Brown (the famous foundation in stick from the brand was reformulated and will be re-released, I got to know it during the press event last week in London and I am loving it)
  • CONCEALER Creamy Concealer colour Ivory – Bobbi Brown (I bought it a while ago and it already showed up around here, great creamy texture and coverage, and it comes with a powder to finalise and hold it in place – perfect for evil pimples)
  • CONTOUR with the colours Taupe (for depth) and Emphasize (to illuminate) – MAC Pro (that live in this nice palette, about which I will speak a bit more soon!)
  • BLUSH colour Day Dream – Nars (from Guy Bourdin collection. I am loving this cute pink shade)
  • POWDER Crystal Glass – Madina (it is magical, doesn’t look much like a powder, actually it doesn’t look like it at all, but when you swipe the brush it “shows up”, it’s really light and great to take the shine without being too heavy. I spoke about Madina in this post about Milan)
  • EYE SHADOW Cement from the Soho Chic palette – Bobbi Brown (the second colour from the palette, that is exclusively sold in airports)
  • EYE LINER pen – Natura Una (total love, I already wrote a post about it here)
  • MASCARA Double Wear Extreme – Estée Lauder (new release in England, I read it was developed for the super straight, short and stubborn lashes from Asian women, it has a smaller brush that is great for small eyes)
  • LIPSTICK Pleasure Bomb – RiRi ♥ MAC (it’s matte, people asked a lot, and very bright pink. Comparing to the All Fired Up from MAC, since I was asked a lot, this one from Rihanna is a bit more vivid, more PINK, brighter. But still, without comparing I would say that if you already have one, you can be satisfied and don’t need another one!)

farmacia ny
And from the drugstore in NY! There’s not a way to resist right? I went to Duane Reade in SoHo and there I found:

HAIRSPRAY Style+Care Extra Hold – Dove (tip from Thássia, we went together to the drugstore and she told she loves it for when she uses the babyliss, I got curious)
VITAMINES Airborne (I am crazy about this vitamine, it’s like Redoxon, but it has some other ingredients to strengthen the imune system, great for the winter in London. But it doesn’t sell here, so I stocked up)
Photoready Skinlights cor 200 Pink Light – Revlon (this liquid illuminator was discontinued and now is back, Gucci Westman, top makeup artist and creative director for Revlon, said she loooves it and I got curious to try. I used it already and loved it, very light, seems like a High Beam from Benefit[1] but more liquid)
FOUNDATION Fit Me Shine Free Foundation colour 115 – Maybelline (you noticed it’s also a stick right, I think I am living a stick moment! It had been ages since I wore a foundation in stick, I already loved it before, so practical to apply. This one has a mattifying product in the center of the stick, that goes together with the foundation, great for oily skin)
EYE SHADOW Master Smoky colour Provence Plum – Maybelline (you know I love an eye shadow in stick – also hahaha – so I water to try this one, and I bought in a purple shade that highlights brown eyes like mine)
MASCARA Voluminous – L’Oréal (another product with a nostalgic style for me, it was one of my favourite ones and I ne-ver used it again! So I decided to buy it again)
Lip balm “flavour” Honeysuckle – EOS (this balm is so loved by a lot of girls, and I never had one can you believe? So of course I had to buy it, in the name of research. The rounded format makes it deliciously nice to apply, but I didn’t use it enough to be able to talk about effects)
GLUE Brush On Striplash – Duo (the famous – and best – glue for fake lashes, but with an applicator brush , more precise. Crazy to test it)

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}


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