The 5 muses from the moment on the red carpet


This time of the year is like a crazy flood of awards right? Until the Oscars’ day arrives (already anxious) there are 800 other awards, which means lots of red carpets and looks to fill our inspiration folder. And since they are more or less always the same actresses, I decided to choose my 5 muses for this year: Cate Blanchett, Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Adams, Lupita Nyong’o and Sandra Bullock.

Here are some photos I hadn’t posted yet, and I will gather more as the eveeents happen – what I like the most is to see how they change, even if slightly, the makeup and the hair!

Always divine marvellous illuminated and diva Cate – at the SAG Awards she went with a makeup all in shades of pink, very delicate – eye shadow, blush and lipstick (that is the Lipstick colour Bon Bon from Troy Surratt, top makeup artist that launched a makeup line recently, for sale at Barneys in NY)

… and a tied hair suuuuuper chique and unpretentious, almost flat low bun, without bun volume

In another awards with a gorgeooous orange lipstick… I am thinking of a similar one, I will check my things to see if I can find it. I am in a stage so wine/red/pink, that I forgot the oranges a bit. And straight loose hair parted in the middle

I thought this hairstyle was beautiful also, even not having anything elaborate, the makeup also

Jennifer Lawrence is everything right? I never get tired of loving her when she shows up! The makeup is a smokey eye with shades of tin grey, without very graphic lines

Here you can see the smokey in more detail – reminding (once more) that JLaw is the perfect inspiration for girls with chubby/hidden eyelids

Amy Adams did a retro tied hairstyle very nice and very soft makeup – she never makes it very heavy. Red lipstick, discrete eye liner and highlighted lashes – it can happen pretty much ANYTHING on the red carpet, but there isn’t a single actress who doesn’t pay attention to the lashes right?

Speaking of lashes, they were the focus on Amy’s make up this time. The hair is also beautiful, a more “relax” version of the heavily used 40’s hair parted on the side with waves

Lupita is pure inspiration – for black women or not! At the SAG Awards she wore blue eye shadow on the internal corner + purple from the middle to the end of the eye and close to the lower lashes + lipstick… watermelon pink, would be a good definition? (Here is the credit for the products used, all Chanel) And a high pompadour in the front

Here she changed everything: lower hair and eyes with well defined concave and the internal corner very illuminated in neutral shades (grey/black/silver) + nude gloss

And another one, with more discrete and light eye shadows, for a light smokey, and wine lipstick.. And the usual awesomeness!

Photo with a weird crop because there was a girl staring right behind! I always love the makeups Sandra Bullock has, she does it a bit on the heavier side, but still it never seems too heavy or like it ages her. This smokey looks blacker and shiny bronze with pinkish-salmon lipstick and very pinky blush…

… and this one seems to be more on the matte browns, but always with the spotlight on the lashes, and nude lipstick. Bun with cute roots in one, very straight and loose in the other!

(Photos: Getty Images)

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}


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