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Golden Globes 2014 – hair and makeup


Activate the inspiration folder! Here are my favourites from the Golden Globes 2014, that took place yesterday in Los Angeles. With photos that get gigantic when you click on them, like usual!

Cate Blanchett, magnanimous muse that doesn’t need any comments… And she even won! But still commenting, I loved the chique pink lipstick, the chique slight shine in the eyes, the super chique hair

71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals
Jennifer Lawrence went with a wine lipstick and pronounced eyes on the outlines + fake lashes on the external corner. She is the muse of the makeup for the ones with chubby eyelids right, I spoke about it in this post

I liked the neutral & delicate makeup Amy Adams had, liked even more the hair, tied in a bun with two braids coming from the sides, but not so on the side of the head, a bit higher

Detail of Amy’s hair

Jessica Chastain is the muse of the neutral makeup-that-highlights-a-lot! And who needs a lot with this necklace, right? But I loved the light and illuminated eyelid and this mega highlighted lashes! And the beautiful red hair combed back

Beautiful was Emma Roberts’ smokey eye in shades of grey, with nude lipstick and tied hair in a hidden style, glued to the head, very sleek, licked, tight, whatever you want to call it, and parted on the side. I said some (lots of) times that it is one of my favourite hairstyles!

Another beautiful smokey is Allison Williams’, very black on the outlines with a bit of a smokey on the upper eyelid + silver eye shadow around everything to make it STAND OUT. She also opted for combo tight hair + parted on the side, but loose

And another smokey eye – i thought it was great that the smokey eye showed up a lot, but in different versions! Olivia Wilde’s version has a hint of purple, but it’s not very wide and has a slight cat eye shape. The hair loose on one shoulder, but with half undone waves, not very retro

I loveeed Caitlin Fitzgerald’s look! I find the hair very contemporaneous, parted on the side with a slight pompadour, kind of 90’s, and interesting waves. And orange lipstick, that is beautiful with blue clothes like hers right?

Speaking of pompadour, Lupita Nyong’o’s is also very good. And great inspiration in terms of makeup for black women, with light golden eye shadow on the upper eyelid (and eye liner) and a metallic blue eye pencil close to the bottom lashes + red brick lipstick

I always like Mila Kunis’ makeups, this time a bit lighter, but still it is a good inspiration – a half grey half lavender shade on the eyelid and a darker one on the outlines. Very simple bun not to mess with the collar of the dress

Emilia Clarke cuteee (aka Daenerys Targaryen #love) with such simple and at the same time so beautiful hair, perfect waves!

Another hairstyle I loved, Julia Bowen’s, parted in the middle and twisted on the back, look:


Emma Watson also opted for the parted on the side and tight hair, and for the makeup she wore eye liner and pinkish lipstick (that I love with the orange dress)

More from Emma

Sandra Bullock with a low pony tail that comes over the shoulder and makeup that stood out a lot, with golden eye shadow and focus on the lashes. Gorgeous lipstick, half cold pink going well with the dress

Taylor Swift doesn’t change much, but she always hits the spot, in my opinion! Besides the makeup with eye liner + red lipstick, I liked the hair tied in a fake short cut

Detail of Taylor’s fake short cut (she even loosened a bit the waves for the after party)

I miss seeing high buns on the red carpet like the one Rashida Jones wore! Thankfully she did it heheh and it looks great with bangs right? Very simple makeup with eye liner and red brick lipstick

To finish with a flourish, the suuuuper chique Helen Mirren, teaching us how to age graciously and genially without getting all pulled up and weird! I thought the hair on the side was a total hit. The makeup is dark close to the top lashes and has a touch of bronze close to the bottom ones, to not make it heavy

(Photos: Getty Images)

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}


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