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I’ve been wanting to write about my new skin care routine for ages – ever since I moved to London, five months ago (!), almost everything changed for my skin as well. But I reached the conclusion that if I waited longer to test all the products I wanted to then write this post, it wouldn’t ever be published! Not to mention that if I decided to write about all I want to say in only one post, no one would bear reading it
cremes novos
Trying to sum it up, what happened was: I always used products with unique formulas prescribed by my dermatologist Carla Vidal, I already wrote a lot about it here in the blog, and there is even this video where I show my (old) skin care routine. When I moved to London, I thought it could be an interesting experience to start using ready-made products – I always wanted to try a lot of things, but was also a bit afraid of the reaction in my skin, that was super adapted and at the same time super annoyed by something new… this was the perfect opportunity, since it would be a lot harder to keep my skin care routine with the products from my dermatologist (that expire fast) – and also because the skin already suffers anyway due to the different climate, water and stress that relates with moving abroad.

And so it went! Of course there was the transition, I finished the products from my dermatologist and started with the ready-made ones little by little. I brought a few things I had in Brazil, and was lucky to meet some public relations people when I arrived in London who sent me some products to test, and that really makes it easier for the stage “something different every day” (but I am not crazy enough to mix everything up, that would be terrible. That’s why it would take me a while to be able to write about them all). I think my skin is behaving super well, some things make some evil pimples emerge, but I must say I am loving this new moment – a world of possibilities that opened up for me! Hahaha

There is a lot of stuff in this cupboard and I am not gonna write credits about everything – even cause there are several products I wasn’t able to test yet. So I decided to do this introduction and say that more complete and segmented posts will show up around here in the near future. The first ones will certainly be about my current obsession, the facial oils, and your obsession, the dark spots! Cleansers in form of balm are also on the top of the priority list (like the Thermal Cleansing Balm from Omorovicza, that I posted on Loving right now this week), as are the suuuuuuper famous SK-II products.

A lot of subjects ahead! If you have tips about products you absolutely love and think I should try… please share, cause I will love to know!

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}


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