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Good girl nail polish


Although I love a bright nail polish – especially the very dramatic dark ones – I am, deep deep down, a super good girl when it comes to nails, and if I had to choose just one set of shades to wear forever it would be for sure a light one – light pink, white, nude. But it’s funny because, despite the fact that I wear these shades a lot, I never post a photo of it, because I think it will be boring, that no one will be interested…

bubble bath opi
But I was in SP these day and went for a manicure before returning to London. I like to bring my own nail polish to the manicure, after all I have many to use, but since the collection is now in London, I borrowed my mom’s cute pinkish Bubble Bath, from OPI – it’s worth saying that she has been doing her own nails for years and that she basically only wears light shades.

Can you believe I posted the photo above on Instagram (@diadebeaute) and it was a tremendous success?? I was surprised with the reactions, with the amount of lovers of these delicate shades… and I decided to show you my favorite good girl soft shades, for the ones who are looking for options to change a bit – cause we all know they are similar, but never the same!

The only one I miss in this collection is Gatinha, from Impala, a super favorite of mine that ended and I didn’t buy again before traveling. It’s a light pink super cute!!

Pink shades –
Formula X in Coy – Sephora (I haven’t tested yet, I bought it recently in NY!)
Mademoiselle – Essie (one of Essie’s classics, I think it’s even the most sold)
Muse – Jin Soon (I love Jin Soon’s nail polishes too much, I’ve mentioned them here and here)
A Different Nail Enamel in 2 Sweet Tooth – Clinique (Clinique just launched nail polishes for the first time, this one is super delicate)
Starter Wife – Essie (similar to Mademoiselle, but slightly pinker)
Nail Color 101 – Korres (super cute and great quality)

Nude and white shades –
Sugar Daddy – Essie (this is the one I wore for my wedding! I went searching and noticed I never spoke about my nail polish as a bride… well then, it was this one!)
Tulle – Jin Soon (Jin Soon’s love in the white version)
Nude – Risqué (the best to make “Barbie’s nails” in my skin tone!)

Here is the video I did for Vogue about “the return of nude nail polishes” – after the trend of nail art and revolutionary shades… the calm after the storm hehe.

Oh I found a photo I posted on Twitter when I got married, of my nails as a bride with Sugar Daddy from Essie!!

sugar daddy
So nice to remember the wedding… here I talk about my wedding makeups, if you want to watch – I cannot believe it’s been more than two yearssss!!

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}


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