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What: Goe Oil
Brand: Jao
Why: For the ones who thought of glitter, it’s nothing like it!! I love this product (several makeup artists are also fans!) because it leaves the skin glowing, with a pretty shine – I apply it more on the arms and on the legs when they’re showing. And I also love the peculiar texture, it is like a solid oil, you put it on your hand and with the heat, while spreading, it becomes a bit more liquid. I bought it at Woodley & Bunny, a store full of niche and interesting products in Brooklyn, New York (I spoke about it here in the NY beauty trip guide), and it is also available at Colette in Paris and at Liberty in London, two other stores I love and spoke about here on Dia de Beauté.

What: Hug Me Buquê de Íris e Jasmim Moisturizer
Brand: The Beauty Box
Why: I mentioned on the last post of random news about the new line that the Brazilian brand The Beauty Box now carries and I even used some of their brushes already on that video with affordable products. But I am loving their moisturiser so much that I wanted to put it in this post. Not only because it does the job and leaves the skin moisturised, but also because the fragrance is delicious, it surprised me in a positive way! It’s not that nice basic fragrance from most Brazilian moisturisers (or the one very strong and sweet, that I find a bit exaggerated). I though it is… chic! And there are other products from the same line, like liquid soap and body scrub, but I didn’t try them yet. You can buy it at The Beauty Box physical stores or at their online store.

What: Perfume + shower gel + lotion Aromatic Blends Vanilla & Cedarwood
Brand: Kiehl’s
Why: I’m not the type who easily includes a new perfume among the ones I always use – I already told you about my “scented saga” here in this post. But… I am addicted to the new Vanilla & Cedarwood Aromatic Blends da Kiehl’s (I love the brand, you know!) and I am wearing it all the time! This and the other three perfumes that make this line were just released in Brazil – I love even more the fact that there is a shower gel and a body lotion, as good as all the others from the brand (hello Crème de Corps ♥), but with the same delicious scent of the perfume. I use all three at the same time to make a scented sandwich hahaha. You can find them at Kiehl’s online store.

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}


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