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Produtos para a vida real.

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What: Noir Couture Mascara

Brand: Givenchy
Why: How can one forget the Phenomen’Eyes mascara by Givenchy – the famous hedgehog? It was a super “revolution” when it was launched, due to the sphere shaped tip, great to reach all the lashes. A few months ago Givenchy decided to create a cousin for this one, with a tip with 3 spheres! I tested it some time ago, but just now got one to call my own – I’ve been using it non-stop for two weeks now and got addicted, it gives a very dramatic effect and it’s very nice to apply. (It showed up on the last Tv Beauté, actually, here).

What: Eye Bright
Brand: Benefit
Why: This pencil is on the list of products I don’t like not having, because it’s great for those days when we wake up looking as if the day is ending. It’s light pink and can be applied on the internal and external corner of the eye, on the waterline (à la beige eye pencil), under the brows… then you spread it and it illuminates greatly! It’s worth saying that to do this trick you can also use a beige pencil and light eyeshadows!

What: Ready Eyeshadow 2.0 and 4.0
Brand: bareMinerals
Why: I was already a fan of the brand’s powder eyeshadow (I spoke about it here) and I really loved the new duos (2.0) and quads (4.0) with pressed eyeshadows. The shades are beautiful, the texture is soft and the pigmentation is pretty good – look below here my excitement trying on the most I could when the brand come to show the collection at the Vogue Brazil office. Ah, and one of the eyeshadows I used on the TV Beauté with the blue eyeliner is one of these, from the duo The Grand Finale. What I found really cool from what they said at the launch is that they have anti-aging properties and they don’t “stick” to the wrinkles, which is pretty interesting for the ones with more mature skin! I am gonna give them to my mom for her to test and will let you know after hehehe.
The shades on the hand I will never know how to identify, but the “full” ones are the ones I liked the most, starting by the light blue eyeshadow on top and clockwise: The Vision, The Grand Finale, The Scenic Route, The Cliff Hanger, The Winner Is…, The Hidden Agenda, The Honeymoon Phase + the quad The Soundtrack.

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}


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