Guido Palau is one of the most iconic, celebrated and adored hairstylists in the industry – and he’s also one of the busiest, especially during the fashion month. Responsible for creating hairstyles of some of the most influential shows of the season (Marc Jacobs, Prada, Dior and Valentino, to name a few) he can easily be considered as a trend setter when it comes to the red caret and street style.

Last October, right after the Spring Summer 17 shows were over, I sat down to Guido, who is also Redken’s creative director, to discuss the most relevant and memorable moments of the season. It was, as always, such an inspirational and lovely chat and I hope you like it too.

. Trickiest hair
Marc Jacobs – it took a long time to organise the styles and the colours… We had the hair made and then had it coloured which took a month to put together.

. Most used product of the season
Redken’s Full Force 23 hairspray. The last few days I have been using a lot of spray, for Givenchy, Sacai and McQueen. It’s always one of the most used products in my kit, but this season I used it more for styling than holding, not to set, but to create the hair.

. Most used tool
My hands… We had a combination of a lot of natural as well as sculptural styles. I’ve been cutting a lot of hairs as well, so perhaps scissors too. Alex Wang, Coach, Prada, Versace, Valentino, Sacai… Some were very radical, like Prada, but luckily the models don’t go crazy – they don’t seem to be so bothered!

. The biggest comeback
Versace’s stick straight hair was something I haven’t done in a long time. It was interesting to work with straight hair, I used Satin Wear to blow dry then ironed and filled the sides with some layers. It was interesting to use the straightening iron again, having not used it in fashion for… I don’t know, a while! That was a comeback.

. The surprising miss
There was a bit of everything, romance, hard, natural and hair cuts… One thing I didn’t use was hair extensions. There was a time when they were everywhere and it was a nightmare! Now it doesn’t seem to be a trend.

. Current dream hair
I like the very simplistic bobs I cut at Prada, the “classic-ness” of them, the simplicity, it felt very refreshing and effortlessly chic.

. The icon of the season
Each show had a different icon, there wasn’t a particular woman that was showing all the time. Each house was very true to themselves, the house was it’s own image. There wasn’t a “Brigitte Bardot everywhere” this season. I loved the styles at Prada and McQueen, when you get through them and it works and the designer is happy, you like them!

. The hair that’s going to be a hit on the streets
Prada. It was the cut that everybody liked, but also the ponytails were very simple, minimalistic and had a lot of style, I think people will be watching the ponytail again – of course it’s always there in a way, but I’m talking about a very high fashion context. Prada makes people really look at things again. The simplicity of something groomed, how it can be very stylish. It goes against the natural in a way.
{Vic says: my guess is the Dior braided knot} Yes there was definitely some appeal to it, people loved it backstage. There’s some appeal to having the braid and the knot – thats something Maria Grazia is very good at, touching women sensibilities…

. The hair you will be doing a lot for the campaigns
You never know what’s going to happen, sometimes they want to replicate the look from the show, sometimes not… We have to wait and see.

. Any interesting backstage moment you can recall?
I had a really nice backstage moment yesterday, doing the hair of a very good friend of mine’s daughter, Elfie. Rosemary Ferguson, her mom, was a model, we lived together in NY in the 90’s and I was doing Elfie’s hair at McQueen. Rosemary was there and I was like… How did this happen? Elfie is now 17 so it’s crazy… It was a very tender and sweet moment, I have a lot of affection for them, the mother was super proud.

{Special thanks to Guido & Redken for this interview}

On @diadebeaute Instagram I share inspiring photos of hair and makeup. In case you missed it or want to save your favourites… Here is the weekly summary


On @diadebeaute Instagram I share inspiring photos of hair and makeup. In case you missed it or want to save your favourites… Here is the weekly summary

Back with another English video! One of the perks of being a beauty editor is being able to try products before they are launched, and that was the case with By Terry’s new Rouge Expert Click Stick lipsticks – you may have noticed that I have a thing for lipsticks… So it’s always a treat to discover new favourites.

Rouge Expert has a really cool drop shape, which makes it so easy and precise to apply, and a great soft texture with a velvet matte finish and great lasting power.

Now that they’re finally out, here is a video review showing some of my favourite shades, plus some of my favourite By Terry products. There are also some highlights from the Paris launch event, that I had the opportunity to attend this week – the main one was definitely meeting Terry herself, one of my all time beauty idols!

Hope you enjoy the video ;)

Ah – Rouge Expert is exclusive to Space NK for the launch, use the code VIC16 to get free delivery if you’re shopping from the UK here.


  • Cellularose Brightening CC Serum – By Terry (here)
  • Light-Expert Click Brush Foundation in 4 – By Terry (here)
  • Sun Designer Palette in 1 – By Terry (here)
  • Ombre Blackstar in Blond Opal – By Terry (here)
  • Ligne Expert – By Terry (here)
  • Terrybly Mascara – By Terry (here)
  • Touche Veloutee Concealer in 1 – By Terry (here)
  • Ombre Blackstar in Ombre Mercure – By Terry (here)
  • Rouge-Expert Click Stick – By Terry (here)
    4 Rose Ease
    5 Flamingo Kiss
    6 Rosy Flush
    3 Bare Me
    16 Rouge Intention
    17 My Red
    18 Be Mine
    22 Pink Pong
    23 Play Plum

Nail polish in 30 – Kiko Milano (here)
Studio Cocoon ring (Brazilian brand)
Zara shirt

{Video edition: Renata G. Corrêa}

Can’t believe Dia de Beauté turns 9 today!! It feels like it was yesterday… I remember so well the moment when everything started – a perfect case of creative procrastination, I was bored with my final work for the journalism university and decided to shift my focus to creating a blog. I picked a few products from my vanity table, placed them on the floor, took a photo for the header, chose the layout on WordPress and that’s how Dia de Beauté was born.

On my first post I explained why I chose the name Dia de Beauté, an expression me and my childhood friends used to use when doing “pampering sessions” before a special occasion, and shared my idea for this space: to inspire people to bring a bit of those beauté days to their daily routines… I was sure that would just make life better.

And here we are, nine years later. Looking back on all these years makes me smile instantly… I remember each one of the amazing experiences the blog brought me, the people I’ve met, how the posts really made a difference on many people’s life – which is crazy to think, and makes me so happy -, the launch of my book! I’m not really an emotional person, but I do get a bit when I think about it all!

So today I would like to thank you for the company. It’s a great pleasure to have this space and be able to share some beauty with all of you! And soon it will be more than beauty – Beyond Beauté is almost ready to launch and I cannot wait to start this new chapter, talking about other subjects and, hopefully, sharing with you even more beautiful things.


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Raise your hand if you’re also crazy for body care! I probably don’t need to say that I am… Using exciting, great smelling, pleasant and special body products is such a nice and easy way to transform your daily routine into a pleasant beauté moment. I seriously have no idea why it took me so long to film a video about it!

But here it is. I know this is an extensive subject (just like my body care collection #oops), so I decided to start by showing you my top 20 “eternal love” products, with a few tips along the way!

I cannot wait to know which are your absolute favourite products, let me know in the comments ;)

  • Revive Morning Oil – Aromatherapy Associates (here)
  • Deep Sleep Shower Gel – This Works (here)
  • Jasmine Oil – Bamford (here)
  • Peony & Blush Suede Shower Oil – Jo Malone (here)
  • Limão Siciliano Scrub – Phebo 
  • Coconut Cream Scrub – The Beauty Box 
  • Glico-Ativo Neoderm Complex Shower Gel – Adcos (Brazilian brand)
  • Gradual Tan In Shower – St Tropez (here)
  • Rough Patch Treatment DermaSeries – Dove 
  • Iso-Urea Body Milk – La Roche Posay (here)
  • Atoderm Crème – Bioderma (here)
  • Crème de Corps – Kiehl’s (here)
  • Dream Cream – Lush (here)
  • Intensive Care Spray – Vasenol (here)
  • Huile Prodigieuse – Nuxe (here)
  • Bio Oil (here)
  • Reduxcel – Adcos (Brazilian brand)
  • Crio Slim Reduxcel – Adcos (Brazilian brand)
  • Air-Lite – Legology (here)
  • The Water – Tan Luxe (here)
  • Ressurection Aromatique Hand Balm – Aesop (here)

Nail Polish in Mademoiselle – Essie
Victoria Sayeg Fake Piercing
Vintage Necklace
Zara Shirt

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My first Beyond Beauté vlog – yay! I was invited to visit a winery in Sicily, Tenuta Regaleali, which is one of the five estates owned by awarded winning producers Tasca D’Almerita, back in September, and had to take the chance to start doing “non-beauty” vlogs. I love wine, but wouldn’t say I’m a connoisseur, so this experience was truly amazing – not only because I got to learn a lot about wine, but also the getting to know Tasca’s story and philosophy was incredible.

The place is beautiful, it’s a bit more of a house than a hotel really (and they actually only recently decided to make it a hotel) and has been in the family for 200 years. They produce a few different wines there – in total, among all five estates, Tasca has 31 different wines on offer, 2 olive oils and a grappa – and we got the chance to walk around, see the vineyard (and eat the grapes!), see the harvest, visit the canteen, where the grapes are taken and where the magic happens… And, naturally, taste a few of the wines.


Another interesting fact about Tasca is their take on sustainability: after doing some eight months of research, they implemented several measures to improve their impact on the environment, such as ban herbicides, installs solar panels, make the bottles lighter to decrease the impact on the transportation trucks. As a result, they became a reference on the subject and served as an example to other Italian wineries to follow.

Besides the wine, we also got to meet incredible people, relaxed in an amazing place and eat really great local food. I have to mention the wonderful tomatoes and the local pasta, but also the Tenuta Regaleali super famous cannoli, which is by far the best I’ve had in my life – I was so delighted when I tried it that I forgot to film it for the vlog hahah. Famiglia Tasca, grazie mille for such a warm welcome!

I’m already making plans to go to Capofaro, one of their other estates located in Salina, an island close to Sicily from where you can see Stromboli, and where they make the delicious sweet wine that has it’s name…

{Video edition: Renata G. Corrêa}

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}

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Paris Fashion Week is over – and it was amazing! I went to so many great shows, backstages and showrooms, not to mention the dinners and parties… So thought it was a good ideia to do a compilation of my Snapchat coverage in order to make it last “forever” instead of only 24 hours.

Although I did loose some snaps here and there (am I the only dreaming about an automatic saving feature?), I’m happy with the overall result of this Snap vlog! Hope you enjoy following my adventures on this edition of PFW.

{Video edition: Renata G. Corrêa}

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}